Upgrade Your Teacher Resume & Land the Job!


“To succeed in today’s job market, you have to think of your resume as an advertisement targeted towards your future boss.”



This quote represents what your resume should look like:  an advertisement targeted towards your future boss". So, think as your resume also as a business card. In education, you always want to catch the employer’s eye with something unique about the sheet of paper they are going to read. Just think - this resume could be your ticket to the new role you always wanted. When I was eligible to get hired, I quickly used my resources and wanted to upgrade my resume as much as I could. Trust me, it took some time to figure out, but I've perfected the process and I'd love to share it with you. After I upgraded my resume, I received 4 job offers! Here's are the secrets to my success:


Ready to start upgrading? Let's go! 

 9 Shockingly Easy Resume Upgrades:

  1. Update your resumes design.
  2. Minimalize your experience section so that it is easy to read.
  3. Update formatting.
  4. Make sure it is saved in the right format.
  5. Update references along with limiting how many you use to save space on your overall resume.
  6. Highlight efforts during the pandemic. Example: anything virtual you hosted or achieved.
  7. Replace your objective statement with a resume summary.
  8. Start with a headline or quote that will set the tone for your resume.
  9. Have a friend spell check your resume and formatting, (As two eyes are better than one.)
  10. Add a terrific headshot to your resume design so your employers can see your face.



How to Pick the Best Template:

A resume is more than a piece of paper.  It is a golden ticket for you to truly impress whom you give it to.  Now days resumes are overlooked sometimes.  What I always say to myself when I am going on interviews is… does this sheet of paper represent me fully?  Will I stand out to my employers?  Is it customizable enough?  You should always make something customized to each job or position you are interviewing for. Those are the best easy tips that can truly make a difference while you upgrade your resume.


What Employers Look for:

Employers are most likely going to glance quickly at your resume in an interview.  Having done a countless number of interviews in the last decade I can honestly say it is all about putting your best presentation forward. That is what comes to mind when it comes to the purpose of a resume. It can really represent you in ways that can set you apart.  As that is what your goal should be on paper and through doing actual interviewing.