Going into your first year teaching can be overwhelming, but one of the most exciting things about being a first-year teacher is having your very own classroom! You might be wondering exactly what you should buy for your classroom without spending too much on unnecessary items. We met with first-year teachers to ask them their must-have items so you can be totally prepared for the school year. Keep reading to see our top 10 must-haves!


1. Lesson Planner

During your first year, it’s important to stay organized. Using a lesson planner can help you keep all your lesson plans and ideas in one place. There are many out there, so you can browse to see which ones can fit your needs. We recommend getting one that has lots of room for notes or changes you want to make to your plans.


2. Pens

Whether its writing lesson plans or grading papers, you will need lots of pens. Being in a classroom can get pretty hectic so it’s good to keep around extra pens, just in case a few go missing. We recommend getting a variety pack so you can have more options when it comes to grading, writing lesson plans, or writing some notes to yourself.


3. Extra Pencils

Pencils are always going to be needed in the classroom. Students, especially those who are younger, tend to lose their writing utensils throughout the school year so it’s important to keep pencils at hand for them to use. Keep them in a box at the front of your room so your students can grab one when they need it.


4. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a great way to keep track of notes or ideas you may have during the day when you don’t have time to pull out a notebook. You can stick them to your desk, computer monitor, or to your whiteboard to keep yourself on track with your goals. You can even come up with some fun games to play with your students during lessons!


5. Anchor Chart Paper

Anchor chart paper is a great tool to use for your students to participate in class. You can tear off sheets of paper and write questions at the top, and during the lesson, students can write the answers in the space below. We recommend getting some that can stick to the walls so the lesson is more interactive and your students can move around the room.


6. Game Box

Do you want your students to look forward to learning something new while having fun? A game box is great way to make that happen! You can take a nice, decorated box and fill it with small sheets or paper or sticky notes with games written on each one. You can get your students to pick one from the box and the one they pick will be the one they play for the day. These games can be related to the lesson you’re teaching that week or just a fun game to get them moving.


7. Incentive Candy

It can be tough to get your students to want to participate in class. Sometimes, kids will need a small push to keep them wanting to learn. Having some incentive candy or snacks is great way to keep them engaged. We recommend considering your students who have allergies and providing them with other options, such as stickers or small toys, so everyone can feel included.


8. Grading Stickers

Grading can be a tedious task, but you can make it fun for yourself and for your students by using grading stickers! You can use a wide variety in different colors, different themes, and different phrases so your students can feel excited getting graded papers back.


9. Extra Boxes of Colors

If you’re going to have your students doing lots of art or coloring, it’s important to have lots of extra crayons or colored pencils with you. Your students might lose or break the colors while using them, so having some nearby to replace them will come in handy throughout the school year.


10. Expo Markers/Chalk

If you have a whiteboard or a blackboard, you will definitely need something to write on them with! To make it more fun for your students, get a pack with a wide variety of colors. When you’re teaching, you can your students to come write answers to questions on the board and have them participate more in the lesson.


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