Cover letters are a vital aspect of the hiring process. They give your future employer insight into you as a teacher. They answer questions like who you are, the position you’re interested in, and why you are the best fit for their search. A cover letter should be concise and no longer than one page. Do you know what you should include in your letter? We're here to help! We've created a list of tips you need to write an all-star cover letter to help you land your dream teaching job.

We recommend you start with a paragraph introducing yourself. Give some information on your educational background and relevant experience, as well as how it relates to the position you are applying for. If this is your first teaching job, tell them about your student teaching experience. If you are coming from a different field, make sure to make connections on how that line of work has prepared you for classroom instruction. You could say, for example, “For the past three years, I have worked in the restaurant industry as a server. My interactions with people in the community have equipped me with the interpersonal skills necessary to run a classroom." Make sure to keep the information relevant and connect it back to the job posting.

When you state the teaching position you are applying for, include information about your teacher preparation program. For instance, you could say, “I am applying for the fourth-grade teaching position at Washington Elementary and have recently completed my 16-week student teaching practicum at Hoover Elementary.” Feel free to include relevant examples of classroom interactions or lessons taught to further provide evidence as to why you are their perfect candidate. Future employers want to know what makes you uniquely qualified.

Since you have decided to apply for this particular position, you must have reasons! This is your opportunity to flatter them with why they were your first choice. A simple web search also provides information about the school in particular. For example, maybe they were recognized as a “Blue Ribbon School” or an “A+ School of Excellence”. In your letter, you might write, “Due to Washington Elementary’s A+ School of Excellence status in 2020, I jumped at the chance to be part of your exceptional teaching staff.” Take the opportunity to show them why you want this teaching job over another position at another school. Again, your aim should be to convince them that you are the perfect person for their school.

In addition to describing your previous work experience, the reason you are applying, and why you chose this position, you will need to make your case for why you have the skills and abilities necessary to do this job and do it well. When you write this part of your letter, make sure you focus on your unique skill set. Include information about your degree and prep program and how your preparation is uniquely fit for this position. Some examples of this include winning a grant, presenting at a conference, or mentoring a colleague. Perhaps you are applying for a teaching position that has an emphasis on reading interventions. Tell them about your work in the past as a reading tutor at an after-school program. Describe how your temperament and approach got results for the students in the program. You could say, “After utilizing the methods gleaned in my prep program, three students gained over a year of proficiency on the reading skills inventory.” Results motivate, so be sure to mention the results you have achieved in the past.

Finally, conclude your letter by thanking them for the opportunity to interview and meet them in person. Restate why you are the best fit for this teaching job and communicate your confidence in performing the duties at a high level. You can show this in your letter by stating, “I welcome the chance for an interview at your earliest convenience and am confident I would make a stellar addition to your already top-notch teaching staff.” Close your letter with, “Sincerely, Your Name” or something to that effect. Give your letter a final read, and you are well on your way to securing that teaching position!